Windows 10 bugs and How to Fix Them 2018

Windows 10 bugs: Every operating system has bug,windows and no exception.

Battery life

Battery life is usually an issue whenever there’s a new OS update in town, but this doesn’t seem to have been a huge problem with Windows 10.

If you see faster consumption on your hardware, windows 10 bugs the manufacturer to determine if there are firmware or driver patches that better optimize the hardware to match the needs of Windows 10.

Regular updates that Windows 10 downloads and installs in the background may adversely affect battery life.

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How to Fix Them 2018

Default apps

Windows 10 removing the default file associations that we painstakingly put in place in Windows 8.1
Start the setup application from the taskbar, click System, and then select the default application. Alternatively, right-click the file in File Explorer, select Open , and then select another application. When you pick a new program, the box with the checkmark always uses the application.

Buggy or broken software

there are still some applications that won’t like working with it.try checking the app forums or contacting the developer directly.

Compatibility Mode is still present and correct in Windows 10,Right-click the executable file, windows 10 bugs and properties and open the compatibility tab. From there, you can get the program that runs the problem as if it were using different versions of Windows.

Touchpad woes

Uninstalling and reinstalling the current touchpad driver may also help to make the device work again.

Reboot loops after updating

One of the latest updates from Microsoft caused most users to fall into a reboot cycle.Wait for Microsoft to refine updates and patches.

Windows 10 build 17093 issues

1.Download and install won’t start

2.VPN won’t work

If you use VPN for work, you should skip this build.

Fix – VPN error Windows 10

Ⅰ.Make changes to your registry
  • When Registry Editor opens, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings key in the left pane.
  • Right click Internet Settings key and choose New > Key from the menu.
  • Enter Globaluseroffline as the name of the new key and select it.In the right pane, double-click (default) DWORD to open its properties.
  • Enter 1 in the Value data field, and then click OK to save the changes.
  • When you are done, close Registry Editor and check that Cisco software is working properly.

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Ⅱ.Run Cisco AnyConnect in Compatibility mode
Ⅲ.Delete the WAN Miniport (IP), WAN Miniport (IPv6) and WAN Miniport (PPTP) devices
Ⅳ.Install Cisco VPN tool properly
Ⅴ.Use Microsoft CHAP Version 2
Ⅵ.Diagnose and disable your connection
Ⅶ.Uninstall Citrix DNE Updater
Ⅷ.Make changes to the registry before installing Cisco VPN
Ⅸ.Restart LogMeIn Hamachi tunneling engine service
Ⅹ.Check if your clock is correct
Ⅺ.Enable Allow service to interact with the desktop option
 Ⅻ.Use Command Prompt
 XIII.Configure Hamachi properly
XIV.Stop AviraPhantomVPN service
XV.Reinstall your VPN software

3.Apps crash on launch

this is due to compatibility issues between the OS and the app.

4.Battery status won’t update

forces users to estimate how much battery time they’ve got left.

5.Slow Internet access

Internet connection is slower than usual.

Activate office 2016 without using live account or product key

Activate office 2016, you need to activate office software with right product key before using.But sometimes the office 2016 won’t activate.

activate office 2016 product key
Activate office 2016 without using live account or product key

Here are some simple and practical methods use Office for free.

1. Use Office Online

The free versions will happily open your files, allow editing, and importantly, keep your document formatting in place at all times.

2. Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

Office Mobile is exactly as it sounds: Microsoft Office,in mobile form.


Android 4.4 users and before should download the Microsoft Office Mobile app.


you can find the Microsoft Corporation App Store page

3. Sign Up for the Office 365 Trial

you can take a free one-month Office 365 trial.

4.using the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus trial.

5. Buy hardware bundled with the office

Most laptops have a 1-year subscription from Microsoft Office 365.Continue to subscribe to continue to access Office.

6.Many companies and schools can offer free or very low cost Microsoft Office licenses

Is there another way to access Microsoft Office 2016 for free?activate office 2016 product key.Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

Office 2016 Product Key Easy activation 2018

How to Activate Office 2016 for Free

How to transfer office activation to another account?

I have purchased two licenses (permanent licenses, not 365 subscriptions) for Office 2016 homes and students. activate office 2016 free.Since the vendor provides some URL for autoenrollment, cookies, and product key codes,office professional 2016 key card.I accidentally registered two licenses for a Microsoft Office account A.I cannot find any options how to transfer one of the activations to another.

I spent hours searching for a solution, the experience and results I wanted to share:

You can use the “microsoft support chat“firstly there is some automatic”person-like-algorithm” you simply kick out by one sentence,then it switches to real person and he/she is able to do it.

I expressed the problem,I gave them the account A name, they deleted one activation on account A,sent me an email with some sort of “reactivation link”,I visited it, logged in to the account B,the activation was transferred to the account B.