Activate office 2016 without using live account or product key

Activate office 2016, you need to activate office software with right product key before using.But sometimes the office 2016 won’t activate.

activate office 2016 product key
Activate office 2016 without using live account or product key

Here are some simple and practical methods use Office for free.

1. Use Office Online

The free versions will happily open your files, allow editing, and importantly, keep your document formatting in place at all times.

2. Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

Office Mobile is exactly as it sounds: Microsoft Office,in mobile form.


Android 4.4 users and before should download the Microsoft Office Mobile app.


you can find the Microsoft Corporation App Store page

3. Sign Up for the Office 365 Trial

you can take a free one-month Office 365 trial.

4.using the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus trial.

5. Buy hardware bundled with the office

Most laptops have a 1-year subscription from Microsoft Office 365.Continue to subscribe to continue to access Office.

6.Many companies and schools can offer free or very low cost Microsoft Office licenses

Is there another way to access Microsoft Office 2016 for free?activate office 2016 product key.Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

Office 2016 Product Key Easy activation 2018

How to Activate Office 2016 for Free

How to transfer office activation to another account?

I have purchased two licenses (permanent licenses, not 365 subscriptions) for Office 2016 homes and students. activate office 2016 free.Since the vendor provides some URL for autoenrollment, cookies, and product key codes,office professional 2016 key card.I accidentally registered two licenses for a Microsoft Office account A.I cannot find any options how to transfer one of the activations to another.

I spent hours searching for a solution, the experience and results I wanted to share:

You can use the “microsoft support chat“firstly there is some automatic”person-like-algorithm” you simply kick out by one sentence,then it switches to real person and he/she is able to do it.

I expressed the problem,I gave them the account A name, they deleted one activation on account A,sent me an email with some sort of “reactivation link”,I visited it, logged in to the account B,the activation was transferred to the account B.